There’s no doubt that 2017 has been an eventful year.

Between multiple hurricanes, the loss of several notable celebrities, fads that took the nation by storm (looking at you, fidget spinners) and a spectacular solar eclipse, there was a lot going on this year.

And what do people do when they want to keep up with what’s going on in the world? They Google it, of course. Google has released the most popular search terms in the 2017.

Top Searches

Here are the top 10 most searched topics of the year in the U.S.:

1. Hurricane Irma

2. Matt Lauer

3. Tom Petty

4. Super Bowl

5. Las Vegas Shooting

6. Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight

7. Solar Eclipse

8. Hurricane Harvey

9. Aaron Hernandez

10. Fidget Spinner

While those were the top 10 search terms overall, Google also delved deeper into people’s search habits and broke it down into categories.

Top Recipes

The top 10 recipe searches in the U.S., for example, may surprise you. It seems that rather than trying to keep up with the latest in culinary trends, most people kept it basic, with the top two spots being “Beef Stroganoff recipe” and “Apple Crisps recipe.”

Here’s the complete top 10:

1. Beef Stroganoff recipe

2. Apple Crisps recipe

3. Corn Casserole recipe

4. Brine Turkey recipe

5. Zucchini recipe

6. Chicken Parmesan recipe

7. Pork Chops recipe

8. Hard Boiled Egg recipe

9. Yams recipe

10. Hashbrown Casserole recipe

Most-Searched Movies

Not surprisingly, a lot of the year’s biggest blockbusters and most buzzed-about films made the top 10:

1. “IT

2. “Beauty and the Beast

3. “Wonder Woman

4. “Get Out”

5. “Justice League

6. “Logan”

7. “Baby Driver”

8. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

9. “Hidden Figures

10. “Dunkirk”

And my Favorite! The Most-Searched Dog Breeds

When it came to the year’s most-searched-for dog breeds, of course, all of the top 10 are adorable! However, I am a little bitter that my puppy a Siberian Husky, didn't make the list.

1. Golden Retriever

2. Poodle

3. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

4. French Bulldog

5. Australian Shepherd

6. Beagle

7. Goldendoodle

8. Australian Cattle Dog

9. Shiba Inu

10. Border Collie

Other categories include musicians, TV shows, songs/lyrics, people, global news, actors, consumer tech, elections, global sporting events, how-to’s, losses and memes. Check out the complete list and see if your search habits are in line with the rest of the country!