If you're looking for creative ways to beat the heat this Summer, consider this: certain house plants are natural coolants. That's because they lose water during transpiration, which cools the air around the plants, leaving it purified and fresh. These greens not only enliven your home decor, but they're also useful! 

Keep reading to discover the seven house plants that are also stellar natural coolants.

1. Aloe Vera

Having an aloe vera plant on hand will not only come in handy if you get any nasty burns, but it is also effective at cooling the air temperature and removing formaldehyde from the air. Also, as an extra benefit studies have shown that this plant releases a ton of oxygen at night. This pop of oxygen in the air can help fight insomnia and will help your body stay peaceful as you dream. 

2. Areca Palm Tree

One of the most popular living room plants is the areca palm tree, a decorative house plant that acts as a natural humidifier. In addition to cooling off your home, the areca palm can remove benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.

3. Ficus Tree

The ficus tree, also known as a weeping fig, helps to keep the air temperature cool as well as reduce air pollution and improve air quality.

4. Fern

This plant helps to not only cool and humidify the air, but like aloe vera, it is good for cleaning formaldehyde out of the air. In fact, scientists at NASA say the fern is one of the most effective air-purifying plants.

5. Snake Plant

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is another plant recommended by NASA to help purify the air. The plant gives off oxygen at night, keeping you cool as well as absorbing a large number of toxins in your home.

6. Golden Pothos

The golden pothos is a great plant for those who aren’t exactly garden-savvy, as it’s extremely easy to take care of. It requires little light and care, and it will keep your air cool and purified.

Although you probably have a pot or two around your house for aesthetic purposes, you may want to consider adding these certain plants that can not only keep the air cool, but help flush out toxins as well.

I'm certainly due for some new plants!