Miss Tilly

Miss Tilly may be 14 years old, but she acts like she is 3! She has a little snoring problem, isn’t a big fan of toys and is afraid of rain. Tilly gets along great with people especially if they pet her, but she is selective about her dog friends.


Fiona is a friend to everyone and loves attention. She has a great smile and if she could she would play in the pool with her friend Rowdy everyday. But, beware she can’t go on long car rides as she gets car sick, very easily! Fiona loves having a house full of people who likes to get slobbered on!


Rowdy is Caleb’s service dog! However, don’t let his innocent look fool you, he can be a little mischievous at times. He is an amazing service dog though, who is a great listener and loves learning new commands. Rowdy enjoys going to new places with Caleb and playing with other dogs, especially if its fetch.


Meet Luna! She is a ball full of energy, who is a fetch superstar. A perfect day for Luna includes going to the park, getting a new toy and getting rubbed in her favorite spot, right behind her ears. She isn’t allowed to have a soft bed, as she loves tearing them apart. If you love going on adventures from hiking to camping, you will get along with this silly dog!


Apple loves people; especially ones that take her on walks, gives massages and let’s her inside. She has a problem with water though! Don’t try to get her to go swimming unless you want some serious sad puppy eyes. She would rather not be left alone for a long period of time, as she loves to be with people.

Winston Theodore

Meet Winston Theodore! His favorite activity is playing ball and he would do it all day if he could. He has a little snoring problem as well and hates when the doorbell rings. Winton prefers not to share his home as he is known as the protector and will follow his parents around the house. He also needs daily belly rubs!

Stanley Rupert

Stanley Rupert is the adorable, lover in this group! You will always see him with his tongue sticking out. He has an issue with stairs and freaks out when he's on them. He gets along great with people and loves to snuggle!

I think it's time for a play date!!