Many people love to call Four Seasons their home, with all the amenities offered it is a perfect place to downsize and retire! However, I have been searching long and hard for my clients to find a perfect home for them without success!

I have a wonderful, all cash buyer that just sold their home and is looking to call Four Seasons their next home to be! If you have been considering a move and live in Four Seasons, we would love to talk to you!

My clients are looking to close in about 45 days, but have the option to extend if necessary. They are looking for a home at least 1700 square feet or larger that is an open concept flooplan. They would like a private yard and preferably with views.

If you have a home that might meet their needs, please call us today at (714)749-2179 or simply click HERE to fill out your information.

If you are not looking to sell, but know someone who does then please contact us HERE (or call us at 714-749-2179)! We offer a referral program for $500 for every referral we receive that results in a closing! How cool is that?

We get many questions about the local real estate market and the value of homes today. If you are curious about what your home is currently worth you can get a free, no obligation report by clicking HERE.

Have a happy September!