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30 Days of Giving Challenge πŸ’•

Tiffany Wright

Tiffany loves working with our clients from start to finish...

Tiffany loves working with our clients from start to finish...

Jul 9 2 minutes read

November has got to be one of my favorite months in the entire year. The weather is beautiful. The holidays are on the brink of erupting. My life is filled with many happy memories. The point is: it’s November. AKA Turkey month. AKA the time of year when stores put up all the Christmas decorations.

Obviously, the big theme for November is “Giving” and "Giving Thanks". We all know that as inherently as we know that the most overrated dessert is Pumpkin Pie.

Regardless, just because we *know* something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we *get* it. As such, I want to challenge you to really dive into the idea of giving this November! 

The challenge is to give something to someone everyday in November.  The gifts can be anything given to anyone…money, food, old clothes, crafts, your time, or even kind words.  I would love to have you join me in this challenge. 

You can follow my giving progress on our blog and view my giving calendar below for ideas but I’m interested in ways that you’re giving! If you’re sharing on social media feel free to use the hashtag #30Days2Give so myself and others can follow you, share your posts, and gather new ideas for ways to give.

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